What are the execution stages?

Remember, we work from A to Z. It means that we are with you from the very beginning. Our work process consists of several stages, each of which is important and contributes to the final quality. We pay close attention to every detail, delivering a refined final product that will ensure a user experience that is far superior to what your competitors have to offer.

During all work stages, we take account of your individual needs and the specific nature of your Customers. Every module is well thought-out and implemented based on strong arguments for choosing a particular solution over another.

We guarantee full professionalism and high quality. You can be certain that any solutions we implement will be unique. We deliver exactly what you need to gain an advantage in terms of technology and image.

Stage 1. Technical and functional documentation, wireframes and processes

We start the website development process by preparing full documentation describing all required modules. We also prepare functional schematics for all webpages, separately for the versions to be displayed on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

At this stage, we conduct a full analysis of the adopted assumptions and, based on our experience from the several hundred websites we designed, we suggest modifications and specific technological solutions.
A carefully prepared design is a solid foundation for ensuring efficiency at the subsequent stages and delivering a visually and functionally perfect website. It also streamlines communication when the adopted assumptions are modified. What is more, the wireframes prepared at this stage significantly accelerate and facilitate further work.


Example of a website wireframe.

Stage 2. Creative concept and personalised graphic design

At this stage, we create a modern graphic design for your website in both desktop and mobile versions. Crucially, we make sure that the website not only looks great but is also practical to use, delivering a 100% Customer friendly experience.

We make sure that the website design is in line with global trends and fully innovative so that it will last for many years. Keeping in mind how important mobile website versions are, we implement RWD technology.

Characteristics of a final design:

  • legible structure
  • graphic concept suited to the specific nature of your line of business
  • emphasis on key elements
  • expertly implemented typography
  • easy and intuitive access to each section
  • easy navigation and emphasis on website practicality.

We will use key mechanisms:

  • precise, topic-based presentation
  • coherent visual brand presentation
  • a content management system (CMS) based on proprietary and proven solutions, ensuring firm control over publications in the future.


Screen from the graphic design stage

Stage 3. Transforming the graphic design into HTML, CSS and JavaScript

This stage involves writing the source code, transforming the created design into a properly functioning website. We make sure that the website is displayed properly not only on different devices but also in all popular web browsers.

When developing websites, we use state-of-the-art technologies, and validate the quality of our work with external tools, such as Google Developers. We make sure that finished websites are both efficient and optimised for positioning.

The above statistics show which devices, operating systems and browsers are used for connecting to the Web.

Stage 4. Proprietary CMS panel with modules

When creating a content management system (CMS), we use the Now Interactive CMF engine (Content Management Framework), one of the most innovative solutions in its class and a trend-setter in terms of quality. As a result, the content management panel included with your website is convenient to use and provides all necessary functionalities, allowing you to freely expand your website.

We are one of the first companies in Poland to have created a CMS which is comparable to Microsoft Windows in terms of visual design and ease of use. Importantly, it can be used without any issues with any popular web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari).

The basic version of our CMS contains the following modules, allowing you to freely manage content on your website. Of course, we can implement unique modules which are suited to your individual needs.

Basic modules:

  • articles module – basic publications
  • unlimited Lightbox galleries module
  • media container – a manager for all document files and multimedia content with automatic scaling of photographs made using any camera; the module includes an option to add a transparent watermark
  • SEO module – to support positioning
  • application configuration module
  • administrator panel – an intuitive interface with visual presentation of integrated webpages based on thumbnails.

Presented below are the screens from the administrator panel of the CMS application:

‘Proprietary CMS’ is not just a slogan. Our CMS administrator panels are created individually, ensuring:

  • Security: The source code is written by a limited number of experienced programmers and not disclosed to the public
  • Reliability: The code’s quality is monitored by our Code Review team, and the code itself is based on the best tools available, minimising human error
  • Scalability: The code is written according to best practice, eliminating the risk that it may not be possible to implement new functionalities
  • No technical debt: The code is written based on the latest technologies and libraries available
  • No bottlenecks and responsiveness: The code does not contain any unnecessary elements
  • Quality confirmed through external audits: The code is up to the industry standards and well optimised, e.g. external audits by Google (maximum score achieved)
  • Individual administrator panel with a graphic interface: Just as intuitive to use as the most popular global portals, no unnecessary functions
  • Simple user interface with mouse support, based on thumbnails, featuring content and photo editing just like in MS Word: Practically no training is required
  • 36-month guarantee for each implementation
  • A range of additional modules as standard: photo editing module (mini Photoshop), SEO module, user authorisations to access selected elements, system operation logs, backup, CMS configuration and media container
  • Full control over website content, option to add new pages and edit any page without any additional one-time or monthly fees
  • Stability confirmed by more than 700 implementations, including international ones: The biggest website includes 6,000,000 unique pages. The websites we have implemented are visited by thousands of people each day
  • Transparent code that is not hidden
  • Very detailed data on users and their behaviour
  • With our proprietary website development technology, there are practically no limits to the types of websites we can develop.

Stage 5. Integrating transformed graphic templates with CMS

Once the approved graphic design has been transformed into HTML, CSS or JavaScript and parallel work on the CMS application has been completed, the graphic concept is integrated with the technology layer of the CMS.

Stage 6. Configuring the website on the server environment

In addition to developing websites, we offer hosting services that allow your website to run smoothly and without any issues. As part of hosting, we guarantee space on a dedicated server with 24/7 administration and monitoring

Upon the implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy (e.g. intense website promotion on the Internet or the TV), we are ready to migrate the website to servers offering a higher performance. This takes up to 24 hours, and we guarantee full access to the website by users during the migration process.

Stage 7. Acceptance tests

We test the following as part of the implementation:

  • Security and data validation
  • Performance, optimisation and reliability
  • Consistency of viewing experience in popular browsers.

All this to ensure that the website runs without any issues on every platform.

What does the guarantee cover?

For every order, we sign a contract in which we grant a 36-month free guarantee for a comprehensive implementation. Working with us gives you much more than just a guarantee for all implemented services. What distinguishes us from the competition is the quality of our services and a personalised approach to every project. A website developed by us will meet all of your corporate goals and will be suited specifically to your needs.

Our guarantee is comprehensive and covers each of our implementations.

In addition, we offer:

  • Clear and transparent rules of cooperation
  • Convenient and consistent billing
  • Reliable order fulfilment according to the schedule
  • Transfer of copyrights to the graphic design and a lifetime license for the CMS. No additional payments for using the CMS in the future.