Grupa Żywiec S.A.

Żywiec Brewery celebrated its 160th anniversary with extravaganza, harkening back to its roots and origin. 
On the Internet, the company reached its fans with two new projects and
Our projects for Grupa Żywiec S.A.:

  • The website is being expanded by the fan community who love beer, are interested in beer stories, want to find events and learn about interesting places.
    The website features a Beer Dictionary and a number of other functionalities appreciated by beerophiles (enthusiasts of traditional beer). Developing the website gave us an opportunity to learn some background information about the beer industry.
  • is the website of the Brewery Museum in Żywiec. This is the place where the history of Żywiec beer began. We have built a modern website that fully reflects the classic image of the brand and is appreciated by visitors from Poland and abroad. What is more, the Museum staff now have an easy to use reservation system.