Who are we?

Web24 is a full-scale Software House and a professional interactive agency specialising in comprehensive development of customised websites and online services. In addition to designing a website or an online shop, our Team will help you position it and recommend solutions which will work best for you. 200 Customers have trusted us to help them build their image and be successful online.

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Who will execute the project?

Web24 is a team of specialists with extensive experience in their respective fields. Together they form a well-coordinated group with mutually complementary skills to deliver a website that it functional and practical, with all elements interacting perfectly with each other. Every project involving the development of a website is a process, with different skills being required at every stage.

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What we can do for you?

Web24 is a Software House and an interactive agency. Website, online shop or portal, our Team delivers technological perfection in every inch. We have been involved in the art of website design for 10 years. From A to Z, we prepare documentation, and design, implement, position and support your website. However, we have more to offer than just designing websites, online shops and services. We recognise your needs and provide comprehensive services: developing web applications, marketing and mutually complementary services.

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Why us?

You will be able to find many companies developing websites, online shops and web applications. However, our approach is different: in addition to website development, we seek new and unique ideas for your business, and optimise every implemented solution. For us, website development is a form of art, and we feel responsible for every website we have developed. For you, it means that we will implement any necessary modifications, e.g. as a result of changes in services integrated with your website, making it a TRULY special project that has our full attention.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We strongly believe that doing business is not just about sales figures, but mainly the people and how we contribute to local communities. Since its establishment, Web24 has supported Marek Kamiński Foundation, an organisation that helps children with disabilities realise their dreams.

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For us, our Customers and their trust come first, but we also appreciate receiving prizes, and during more than ten years of doing business, Web24 has received quite a few of them, including the nomination for the Pomeranian prize ‘Gryf Gospodarczy’ or the distinction for ‘The Best Corporate Website of Pomeranian Voivodeship’, awarded by the monthly Forbes.

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What we do

At Web24, ‘from A to Z’ is not just a slogan. We actually go through every letter of the alphabet when developing your website. For us, the web design process involves both ensuring a professional appearance of the website and ease of use. We are not afraid of challenges: if non-standard functions need to be implemented, we do it.

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Online shops

68% of Customers in Europe start and end their shopping online. You cannot influence what they are looking for, but you can determine whether they will be able to find your shop and make a purchase.
At Web24, we understand how e-commerce works and offer more than just functionalities. We deliver a complete Customer experience: from the moment when they find your shop thanks to marketing measures, to a successful transaction.

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What are the execution stages?

Remember, we work from A to Z. It means that we are with you from the very beginning. Our work process consists of several stages, each of which is important and contributes to the final quality. We pay close attention to every detail, delivering a refined final product that will ensure a user experience that is far superior to what your competitors have to offer.

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Dedicated servers and maintenance

We have developed hundreds of webpages and we know that even the best project could be in jeopardy without a solid foundation. This is why we recommend reliable servers to our customers. It is an investment that pays off.

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Visual identity

What gladdens the eye, sells better. Especially a coherent visual identity.

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Online marketing

Every day, your prospective Customers enter various phrases into the Google search engine, potentially looking for what you have to offer. It is crucial that they find your website at the top of the search results, otherwise they might choose your competitors.

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