Online shops

68% of Customers in Europe start and end their shopping online. You cannot influence what they are looking for, but you can determine whether they will be able to find your shop and make a purchase.

At Web24, we understand how e-commerce works and offer more than just functionalities.  We deliver a complete Customer experience: from the moment when they find your shop thanks to marketing measures, to a successful transaction.

Sales is all about.... being able to sell

It goes without saying that your Customers want to buy and you want to sell. However, this motivation must be backed by a well-implemented shop and a clear path guiding the Customer through the purchase process. For this reason, we design every shop from the ground up. Together we will create all necessary functionalities with a visually appealing and practical graphic design, and prepare individual webpages to achieve the best possible positioning in Google. You will be able to achieve this by working with a partner who not only has expertise in website design but also understands the intricacies of online sales.

The final phase of online shopping is often referred to as ‘the last mile’. This is particularly important because it leaves a lasting impression. According to the recency effect, people typically can better recall information which is fairly recent. As a result, a customer is more likely to remember potential problems with the delivery or payment rather than a pleasant collection experience, interesting product descriptions and a large selection of products. Web24 will allow you to take care of this phase of the shopping process and you will see for yourself how a well-designed website can help grow your sales.

An appearance that leaves an impression... and sells

The way your shop looks is not just a matter of personal taste or aesthetics. It translates into how successfully you can sell. We make sure that the design is in line with the current trends and suited to your Customers, and that it contributes to supporting sales at every stage. Well-designed and legible sections, perfectly presented product tabs, legible buttons and a Customer-friendly menu. All these elements give you an advantage when your shop is designed by a partner who has implemented and tested many solutions on the market.
This is why our designs are perfectly suited for specific target groups. What is important, our graphic designers create timeless, visually appealing and clear shop designs.

Research shows that the same functionalities, with different visual presentation, have a varying impact on the Customer. What is interesting, websites that are visually impressive and have a higher aesthetic value are believed to be easier to use, even when there is no difference in the actual functionality. Since they look attractive, our brains perceive them as easier to use.

Technical perfection

Your strength is your business, ours are technical and technological aspects of your shop. For you to be able to do what you do best, we design and test online shops until we are certain that any issues in their functioning are eliminated. We know that every malfunction costs you money and lost Customers.

We will design your shop with full attention to its visual presentation as well as any functionalities that are necessary for online sales and a unique character of your website: a well-functioning shopping cart, discount code system, product recommendation module, log-in and registration panel, Customer account, fast online payments (PayPal,, PayU, Dotpay, etc.) and calculating order costs depending on the form of delivery.

We take care of every detail, such as filtering by different product attributes (colour, size, dimensions, etc.) and e-mail notifications e.g. on partially unavailable goods that have returned to the inventory.
Just tell us what you need. We are fully flexible and will be happy to implement any functionalities, including non-standard ones, that are not common among existing online shops.

To deliver a comprehensive user experience, we test and verify every possible purchasing scenario and suggest how to improve conversion and, eventually, your sales.

Responsive shop, fast sales and... profit

Patience is a virtue, but not one that online Customers care to hone. Many people decide not to buy in online shops that do not function efficiently or, for instance, load product images too slow. If you choose our design, you can be certain that your shop will be fully optimised for efficiency. We will speed up its functioning as much as possible, which will translate into a better Customer experience and a higher rating by search engines.
An online shop that loads fast is even more important on mobile devices, because it can determine whether the Customer will buy from you or not. A responsive website is one of the factors affecting website positioning in the Google search engine, which is another reason why you should choose a solution that ensures speed and fast profit.

Responsive Checkout is a very interesting solution which significantly improves the user experience by automatically recognising the user’s gender or credit card type. This tiny detail speeds up the transaction and makes the Customer feel special.

A convenient shop is a reliable shop

Convenient and understandable solutions are perceived by Customers as more functional and user-friendly. For this reason, we improve the functionalities of the design to make it work perfectly. Our working model puts your Customer at the centre. The online shops we develop are convenient to use. We make sure that every element of the design matters and the implemented modules can be easily accessed by your Customers.  We avoid solutions which do not have a direct application.

A design for many years with a quality guarantee

Technological progress requires continuous changes. However, this does not mean that you need to redesign your shop every two months. Our design always puts you ahead of the competition.
The technology changes, but an online shop must continue to sell. In our designs, we adhere to the applicable standards and keep up with the latest trends. We reject outdated solutions and use only tools with potential for the future, such as Responsive Web Design (RWD).
Need examples? See our designs.

More and more Customers shop online, using different devices: from smartphones, through tablets to laptops. It is important that your shop looks perfect on every device. And this is exactly what we deliver.

It works... and will work

Vehicles undergo crash tests, actors practice for their role for months before the premiere and we check every shop that we design and implement. We are aware that the process of designing online shops must deliver an impeccable final result. To that end, before delivering a design, we perform tests to make sure that everything works perfectly.

We test the individual modules as well as ease of use to make sure that the final design not only looks perfect but also directly contributes to growing your profits.

The job of a software tester is to put the system under extreme strain by creating possible use scenarios to make sure that, no matter what the Customers do on your shop’s website, they leave satisfied.

Do you operate globally? Not a problem!

E-commerce knows no boundaries. Helping you with your foreign customers is another challenge we would be happy to accept. Our online shop designs include features to create different language versions with a currency conversion functionality.

Adjustment for SEO

Even the best designed shop will not sell anything if no Customers visit it. When developing online shops, we make sure that they meet SEO requirements, allowing them to have a better positioning in the Google search engine. Given that positioning is one of the best and most invasive forms of online marketing, its importance cannot be emphasised enough. We deliver a complete product!

Online shops with a guarantee

Your shop is our most important project. These are not just empty words. We feel responsible for and proud of our designs. We give a three year guarantee that a finished online shop will be free from flaws in functionality and security.

Why it’s worth it

Working with us brings you a number of advantages:

  • The online shops we develop are in line with the current trends in technology.
  • Our design considers your individual needs and the specific nature of your customers.
  • A team of specialists works on every design (graphic designers, programmers and coders), and every single element of the design is refined down to the tiniest detail.
  • We implement both standard and non-standard modules.
  • We ensure dedicated servers and their constant monitoring.
  • We create additional language versions with currency conversion functionalities, allowing you to enter new markets.

Examples of the some of the modules implemented in an online shop:

  • Customer account registration and log-in panel
  • Integration with price comparison websites (e.g. Ceneo, Skąpiec) and with Google Merchant Centre
  • Discount codes, collective discounts, including discounts for a category or the entire shop
  • Goods in stock monitoring (and integration with external warehouse management systems)
  • Integration with accounting systems (e.g. Symfonia)
  • Integration with payment processors (, DotPay, Transferuj, PayPal, PayU)
  • Loyalty programmes
  • E-mail notifications on order progress
  • E-mail notifications on unavailable products that have returned to the inventor
  • Product parameter system (e.g. filtering by colour)
  • Advanced product search in the shop
  • Calculation of the shopping cart depending on the form of delivery
  • Currency converter
  • Displaying recommended products.

These modules are only an example and there are no obstacles to implementing other functionalities in your online shop, including unique ones which give you an edge over the competition.