Visual identity

What gladdens the eye, sells better. Especially a coherent visual identity.

Seeing is... buying

Every day, your Customers make more or less informed decisions. They reach for a specific product on the shop shelf and access a specific website when online. When making these decisions, Customers frequently let themselves be guided by the brand, or, to be more precise, by its image referred to as visual identity.

Visual identity

Starbucks, Nike, McDonalds, Adidas are brands known to almost everybody. Mainly because they are permanently positioned in the minds of their customers, but also thanks to a characteristic logo, colour, texture and scent. However, big corporations are not the only ones that can benefit from it. Ensuring a coherent visual identity will improve how you are perceived by potential Customers and leave a lasting impression in their memory.

How can you achieve this? By trusting an established interactive agency that will properly design your logo, check which colours should be used in promotional materials, and prepare designs for stationery and other elements which identify your brand visually. We will prepare for you more than just a set of pictures. According to the art of graphic design and the latest trends in marketing, we will recommend elements to improve brand awareness and create a sequence of associations that will benefit you the most.

How do we work?

We will create a brand image from the ground up that suits you specifically. We will create original graphic materials, design a logotype, business cards and a complete visual identity style guide, making them unique and distinct from your competitors. All in line with the rules of sales psychology. Our approach to artwork goes hand in hand with strategic thinking. Analysis and research, followed by the creative process, tests and the final result.
Thanks to us, your logo will arouse emotions in your Customers, allowing you to build a dynamic and recognisable brand that offers much more than just a specific product.