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Independent project completed in 2008. Changing the accounting data electronically between the Grupa Travel and partners such as Grupa Lotos S.A. are the main assumptions of the interactive application "e-faktura" (e-invoice).


In November 2008, the company Grupa Travel expressed the desire to develop their business relationships with customers.

Our client came up with an idea to create a system for storing accounting information and current accounts on-line. Web24 team came up with an idea to implement the design of functional and technical system, which was named "e-faktura".

Together with Grupa Travel we were developing assumptions and additional functions of the application on ongoing bases – we spent dozens of hours at meetings. Our experience and focus on usability allowed to create an application, which is very simple and intuitive to use. Customer inquiries associated with operating the application were eliminated virtually to zero.

In May 2009, Grupa Travel received the Pomeranian Award "Economic Griffin 2009" in the category of Small Enterprises. The award is granted to dynamically developing companies in the region of Pomerania. The "e-faktura" system has contributed to the award, due to product innovation and the highest level of after-sales service. It is also very important that the program is environmentally friendly, resulting in less use of paper in companies that benefit from it.

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Mirosław Bohun “Creating the “e-faktura” application has become the next step in the process of establishing
high quality service offered by Grupa Travel Sp. z o.o. .... (....)”
says Miroslaw Bohun - Deputy Director of Grupa Travel

“(...) Website in the context of travel agency operation becomes not just a slogan used in order to obtain a wider range of clients. It is actually a tool for maintaining constant good relations with contractors whose elements translate into mutual settlement, transfer and processing of orders, workflow and ultimately allow to build trust and continued cooperation.

E-faktura has become perfectly integrated in the dialogue between provider and client completing gaps in mutual settlements. First of all, this eliminated the traditional form of invoices, in place of which the client received electronic invoices. In practice, this means that the invoice is signed electronically, and then uploaded in the application on the card of the counterparty. The contractor also receives an email with notification about updating their card, informing them that another document has been added or specific changes have been introduced to the application. The entire process, including issuing invoices and loading applications takes five minutes. This means that the customer receives the invoice for the purchased service within such time! Of course there is an option to individually agree with a client the time of delivery and loading of invoices - Grupa Travel according to their agreements with contractors practices 48h update of invoices.

This is the basic function, but the other functions are no less interesting. The customer is informed about the date of payment, date of issue, the balance, and there is a certain "invoice status" (paid, unpaid, after the deadline). The application also generates various types of reports and lists. All the elements together with a friendly interface make moving around the application enjoyable, intuitive and most importantly effective in everyday work. The problem of duplicates disappears, as there are no missing or undelivered invoices.

The product works perfectly. I believe we will use it also on other planes, because it was designed to enable adding more modules. E-faktura is a reply to "e-relationship" with the most demanding customers.”

Our Clients
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