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We have operated in the field of websites design since 2005. We have gained experience in the design of more than 500 websites of a wide range of technological complexity.
Web design is a key service of the company, that we provide with pleasure every day, for both newly established and most recognizable brands.



We prepare all kinds of websites - from simple web pages and business cards to complex and sophisticated portals.

We have developed an original website administration system of CMS BlueHighway, which is extremely easy to use and allows to introduce ongoing changes and update Web pages. We also have extensive experience in designing online stores and e-commerce systems, as well as complex data systems. We also specialize in the development of online games and mobile applications. The offer also includes: database applications, documentation, technical and functional systems, software audits, beta testing, compliance reports, tests for safety, operational reliability, and usability.

See what the process of website design in our company looks like.
The basic principle in the creation of professional websites is the development of an action plan by means of which the creation of traditional designs is more efficient, whereas complex projects requiring several months of work become transparent.


Getting to know the client

First contact: e-mail, phone, personal meeting in Gdynia Web24 office or at the client’s premises (Tricity, Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia and all around Poland).

Briefing, objectives of the project

Presentation of the basic assumptions of the project to be implemented, e.g. a brief description of the activities of the client, a list of the main competitors of the company, a list of reference sites - the image of which the client recognizes particularly, the expected structure of the menu, a list of the expected website functions, specifying whether the site is expected to be a static web page in HTML or with CMS (content management system) for future updating via an intuitive administration panel without using programming knowledge. As part of briefing, we often do basic research, we analyse the submitted documentation, materials, and conduct on-site visits to get the best possible knowledge of client’s objectives related to the website design.

Offer of designs

On the basis of the information supplied and our findings, an individual design offer will be developed containing key assumptions and optional functionality recommendations to be implemented.

In our offer of a website design, we specify the following components:

  • Branding development, website graphic design, graphic design of all unique pages e.g. Homepage, Offer, Contacts and so on.
  • Webmaster work, cutting to HTML / CSS / JS of the website with adaptation to all web browsers and SEO optimization according to Google guidelines and RWD philosophy (normal display of the website also on mobile devices).
  • PHP and MySQL programming work to design a CMS application adjusted for individual orders, design preferences.
  • Integration of HTML templates with CMS application, together with the tests of: quality, operational efficiency, consistency of display in popular browsers.
  • Updating the website with materials submitted (e.g. text, images) with possible retouching, graphic and substantive adaptation.

The official launch of cooperation

Our cooperation starts with signing the declaration of co-operation based on specific project assumptions, the contract protects the common interests - of both parties. Under the contract, we are committed to high quality implementation, timely execution, confidentiality and to provide 12-month free warranty for a website. Our company does not charge any advance payments before the end of the implementation of any phase of the website.

Production of the website

A sample schedule for website creation:

  • Getting ready to start work - submission of a set of materials and preparation of additional materials (e.g. logos, corporate identity guidelines, photos, videos, offers, schemes, content) needed for the website implementation. For complex projects, requiring many months of work, we prepare technical and functional documentation.
  • We develop the overall concepts of the new website, we advise effective solutions.
  • We prepare wireframe (block diagrams of arrangement of website elements, such as the header, content, footer) of all unique pages.
  • Production of graphic design, implemented based on unique patterns of pages (stage of acceptance, settlement of works).
  • Cutting the website graphics to HTML / CSS / JS of (stage of acceptance, settlement of works).
  • Installing and configuration of the CMS application on a production server.
  • Programming additional modules managed by the CMS.
  • Integration of HTML template with the CMS application for the created website.
  • Implementation tests: quality, operational efficiency, consistency of views in popular browsers.
  • CMS application training.
  • Updating the website materials (e.g. content, photos, video) with possible retouching, graphic and substantive adjustment (works carried out by Web24 team or by the customer, stage of acceptance, settlement of works).
  • Starting a website on the Internet (on Web24 server or a server supplied by the customer in existing, or newly registered domain), signing the protocol of delivery and acceptance, transfer of copyrights to ​​the website.

Website delivery time approx. 4 - 6 weeks.
The whole process of cooperation is coordinated by one person who contacts and makes ​​arrangements with the client and manages the production team responsible for the works of branding and programming.

Post-implementation support

The service includes a free 12 months’ service mode - on the basis of the guarantee. During this time, every problem with the website will be corrected. In addition, we provide services associated with the ongoing updating and development of the website. During the cooperation, we also manage advertising campaigns (online and traditional) to promote the website and brand.

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