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SEO Services

How we work with clients in the field of web positioning?

STAGE 1Website Audit

Before we proceed to specific tasks, we prepare an audit of the website, which definitely improves the process of positioning and accelerates the results. At this stage of cooperation we verify the technical development of the website, the descriptions of the headers and see if the text on the site is valuable to the Google robots.

STAGE 2Selection of keywords

Considering the objectives of your company and analysing the competitors' actions, we will select a list of keywords, taking into account their quality and potential. This is one of the most important stages of cooperation for the positioning of websites - which is why we will work closely with you at this stage.

STAGE 3Reporting

You will know exactly what are the results of our work - every month you will get from us an individual report on the positioning of your website. With this data, you can easily plan your next marketing activities.

AdWords - Advertising under your control


In this form of advertising, you have influence on everything - where it appears, to whom it appears, how long will the campaign last and how much you want to spend on it. You will not be surprised - no additional costs or exceeded limits. It's not all the benefits of this very popular form of advertising. What further distinguishes AdWords is speed: the effects are visible on the first day of the campaign.

Graphical forms of advertising such as banners, pop-ups from year to year are becoming less effective – they are very intrusive and irritating for the internet users, especially if it is difficult to close them. In this context, the AdWords campaign, which is non-invasive and tailored to the search results, is very effective and increasingly popular.

What you should know about AdWords campaigns?

AdWords campaign is a form of paid advertising that appears in the form of text links on the first page of Google searches. Huge advantage of this form of advertising is that it appears only when the user is looking for something that is related to the company that decides to use AdWords campaigns. The Customer pays only for clicks, not displays, as it is in the case of other forms of advertising.

AdWords paid advertising in search engines has functioned since early 2000. Since that time, millions of people around the world conducted very effective advertising campaigns that generate revenue from sales of products and services in any industry. Size of the company or its location does not matter - in Google Adwords you can be effective regardless of the company profile.

How do we run Google AdWords campaign?

Tell us what is your marketing goal, and we'll do the rest. At the beginning you choose a list of keywords, which will be displayed in your campaign. When we get to know the specifics of your business, we will propose particular marketing solutions, so that your ad will be displayed very precisely, which will allow to reach the appropriate group of people and reduce costs.

AdWords Remarketing - always effective

Why AdWords Remarketing is so effective?

Remarketing in Google AdWords is nothing but an image (static or animated), video or text ad, which appear in Google's advertising network (Google Display Network). Ads are only displayed to users who already visited that website - a special tracking code places cookies on the computers of visitors. The biggest advantage of remarketing is that the advertising message reaches people who are more likely than others interested in your product or service. Those who have already visited the website will be more likely to buy than someone who has never been on this site.

How do we implement a remarketing ad?

In the first place, we establish segments of users by considering their behaviour. Depending on the nature of the company's customers, they may be customers browsing the offer, customers abandoning shopping cart or persons who downloaded any price lists. For each segment, we prepare the so-called behavioural profile and on its basis we prepare specific advertising campaigns, specifically tailored to the behaviour of a group of customers on the site. You should know that segmentation is the most important factor in effective advertising campaign on the network.

Traditional Advertising

If you want to compete for new customers outside the network, contact us. A catchy radio spot or television spot will enhance the image of your company. We will tell you how to strengthen the off-line advertising activities, using advertising in the press and outdoor.

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